10 April 2011

Snake Cake

Wow what a lovely weekend for being outside in the great NZ outdoors. It seems most people had a busy weekend, along with a dear friend of mine. Her delicious oldest boy Oliver turned 5 this weekend.

Amanda is one of those friends that everyone needs to have. Caring, warm, funny and so down to earth normal and fun. She had the pleasure of being one of my nurses when I was in hospital last year when I had a febrile neutropenic episode (when your white blood counts are so low you have no immunity to bugs...and you get a bug) and made it extra fun by sitting on my bed and gossiping with me. She is a lovely, super, lady. So when Amanda asked me to give her a hand with the cake I was so ready to jump in and help. The amount of times she's taken Johnny for the day so I can rest or get on with chores is beyond wonderful and so appreciated, so I stayed with my 3 for the party and took some snaps. Enjoy.

Birthday Boy
Watching the magic show

I should mention Amanda has full credit for the cake. She baked it, shaped it and made the buttercream and all I did was show her how to use the fondant. For the rest she did the dutiful mama thing, and stayed up late stamping out all the fondant discs and making the cake look awesome. Now, that's love. And the face of all the kids was worth it.
Thank you Amanda - the cake was delicious.
P.S Don't forget to take the tissues to school with you in the morning ;)


Sammy said...

What a fantastic cake! I have to laugh - pre-boy I never imagined such a thing as a snake cake!!! Now I imagine all kinds of cakes!

Amanda said...

Mon thanks so much for your lovely kind words, you are truely very clever the photos are gorgeous. The cake did look great and I loved doing it, thanks for the tuition!!! xx