21 April 2011

Sushi in the Sun

Just a day out with my girls. First stop; Auckland Hospital for my 3 weekly Herceptin infusion.

The view from my Laz-E-boy
And some excellent "infusion" reading
Meanwhile Mads perfects the art of knitting herself a scarf, or is it a blanket, or a hat?

Next stop sushi from Takapuna. Hmm mmm.

After that, chocolate mud cake from The Ganache House on Hurstmere Rd.


At Takapuna Green to scoff it all down and then window shop. Sushi, chocolate and shopping. A perfect girls afternoon yes?


Sophie said...

perfect treats!

jacksta said...

All my favorite treats...sushi and cake! Sounds perfect to me. Love that pic of the knitting. Clever!

Leonie said...

ah perfect!! Sushi addict here (am now REALLY wanting sushi!!)

Weza said...

yes indeed, looks like a fun day. love the chocolate cake face.

Sammy said...

GANACHE SHOP???? How do I live on the shore and not know about this? I will remedy it asap..
Hey, question please... I saw your diary free chocolate fudge cake in the parenting magazine and wondered if there was anything I could substitute for the coffee? I would like to make it for Blossom's birthday and as she's only 1, the coffee would be a bad idea for her... any ideas?
Thanks :-)

Sophie said...

Guess what? I got your magazine today!!! Yippee! Thank you! Loving reading about you all!!

Johnny said...

@Sammy, a 1 cup water substitute works perfectly fine too. And YES in Hurstmere Rd, in the cake supplies shop is the THE GANACHE SHOP. Divine may I say...they even have a kumara cake. Haven't tried that one yet however.
@Little Gumnut...YAY for the post FINALLY delivering!!!!!!!!!

Sima J said...

mmmm mmmm nothing like cake in the sun :-)

Gail said...

Looks like a lovely day :) And, you ARE good for sharing that yummy cake with your girls!