28 May 2011

Things I'm Loving

Loving all the lovely support and word, thoughts and prayers this week.
My appointment went very well - in fact the mammogram was quick (but not necessarily painless) and found nothing, and the ultrasound that followed was even less eventful. The doctor couldn't even find the cyst! So that was so good, and such a relief.
The meeting with the surgeon afterwards was easy, as we got to speak instead to his registrar. He informed us that he was sending a referral to the plastic surgeon and at least at their end they were going to do what was needed to move me along the track to surgery. This was all so good, and such a relief.
I'd been barely holding myself together beforehand, so walking out of there it felt like another big deep breath of fresh air.

Loving that my darling Ashley and her incredible loving partner Cinzah had their much anticipated and already truly loved little boy. Loving cuddles with a newborn!! I feel like a surrogate aunty this week.

Remembering Grandma Betty, a year this week since she left us. Loving that she left an amazing legacy to her family. Getting together on Thursday to remember her - with all 10 of her great grandchildren zooming around her house.

Loving my girls, posing for me for my assignments. Being so beautiful they helped me get top of the class this week! Hehe.

Loving Bayswater Senior Choir singing for Friday assembly...bless.

Loving fires on cold nights, making fresh bread, morning fun with my boy since he ditched full daycare and started afternoon kindy, coffee's from Vauxhall, cake from Little and Friday and friends to laugh and cry with.

Loving that life is full and beautiful, if not always easy.


jacksta said...

♥ loving what your are loving ;) ♥

Leonie said...

loving the outcome of your appointment this week.

the photos of your girls are STUNNING!! wow!!!

PaisleyJade said...

So happy to hear that you had good news from your appointment!! Loving your photos and warm fires too!