29 July 2011

Fun Times

We had a very special group of visitors yesterday.
Not only was my special blog friend Simone from Greatfun4kids coming for a visit, but her three children as well. One of whom was celebrating her 7th birthday today! Happy Birthday Miss Ab Fab!

Anyway, it was so lovely to see them again after I missed the last blog catch up at Simones house. So after the kids had a play and something to eat we took a trip down to the beach. Luckily I managed a photo for Simone before the kids got to the water. Because this is was before....

and this was afterwards.

Ahh yes...this is what happens nearly every time we go to the beach. Even in winter. Lucky they can all jump in a warm bath afterwards. As for Dash...I think he's fantastic and had my girlies giggling at him the whole time. He's got a bit of a fan club here now. Certainly Miss Fab and Scrag were the most sensible of the lot however and gave the others these looks here...

"nah...glad that's not me"

Well I think they enjoyed themselves. There was lots of laughter, lots of happy faces. And the best part...a little bit of sunshine and scoffing down cakes in the kitchen with Simone before the kids caught us! Nothing nicer than a freshly baked and iced cupcake eaten messily and naughtily for a bit of a laugh.

Here's to friends...and hopefully some warmer weather.

Have a wonderful party tomorrow Miss Fab (awesome work Simone!).

Super fun times with these guys!


Heather said...

Good times on the Shore :)

Sammy said...

What an amazing photo, the kids look so cute and Simone, well, she looks GORGEOUS!

Renee said...

Gorgey pics - looks like heaps of fun was had xx

Love the last pic!

Simoney said...

Oooh YAY! Love your post and your pics!!
That last one is NOT BAD I have to say!!
Thanks so much Mon; I am still dreaming of that peanut butter frosting and Miss fab is WISHING she had requested it for ALL the cupcakes... but was still super-happy with STRAWBERRY.
Me, I told everyone "The peanut butter one is for me; Mon made it for me specially" so there was NO DOUBT who was getting it.
We had a lovely time, aye??
Scrag has still kept asking everyday "Mum can we please go to the beach at Johnny's house?"