01 August 2011


This is my reality...and many others too put brilliantly and perfectly.

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Little Gumnut said...

So complicated. It seems so black and white and yet is really infinite shades of grey.

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Hi Mon.
I've wanted to thank you for our blog for a while.
This post finally prompted me into action. Our experiences are completely different but I think I understand some of the fear and anxiety. The need to keep busy and have a distracted mind. But the thought floating and lingering in the back of your mind. Will it get me and when?
I love the honest 'heart on your sleeve' approach to your blog,your diagnosis and treatment. It has helped me too, knowing that other people out there with a fighting spirit and positive attitude. My extended family have not always been so positive. It's great to read how you have coped though various situations.
I am pleased that you are moving onwards and upwards. I am proud, just as another hunan being and bloggy follower that you are coping. Even on the bad days you are living. Good on you. Keep going. One foot in front of each other. Keep sharing too, it really does help many people I'm sure :-)

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

* should say YOUR blog, not OUR in first line LOL

Mon said...

Jaz thank you so much for your lovely comment. I've followed your journey as well as I found it so heart wrenching and amazing to see your strength and determination. You are truly a beautiful soul and to many extents I feel we can understand each others struggles. Much love to you!!!