15 September 2011

Cupcakes For Florence

On Tuesday I helped out a couple of Year 5 boys from Bayswater School who decided they wanted to run a cupcake stall at school to raise money for the schools World Vision sponsored child Florence. But they wanted to bake some themselves so I gave them a few pointers and the use of my KitchenAid. The two Jacks made "Super Strawberry" and "Ultimate Apple". And they looked great!! Young pastry chefs in the making maybe?

But what a great idea, and what a great turn out! The kids were fed sugar and sprinkles and I think the school raised the money it needed...I don't know the final tally yet but there was plenty in the money jar!

Here's some pics.

Ultimate Apple by Jack S

Super Strawberry by Jack A

Phew!...does this make you hungry now?


jacksta said...


Angela Noelle of SK said...

It is your fault I have asked for piping tools for Christmas!

Mon said...

Haha, that's excellent. Make sure they are good piping tools and they'll last you forever!

Leonie said...

awesome cupcakes!!!