19 December 2011

In Memory of an Amazing Woman...

This afternoon family of Natalie Murphy said their goodbyes to a beautiful woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
Natalie was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer last March and has died truly so beautifully with such grace and peace. My heart and prayers are with her family, especially her husband Greg and wee son Jackson. I never met her, but I've followed her story with great interest since the beginning.

You can visit her website here to read her story and find out how strong and amazing she was. She always believed that nothing could stop her from living the life she wanted. Sadly, just weeks before she planned a New Years day renewal of vows and a celebration of her life she has gone. I feel so sad she never got that day after all the planning she's been doing for it.

As well as feeling sad, I feel so blessed and strange all at once. She died, and I'm still here. Natalie was diagnosed at the same hospital and same time as I was, yet our treatment paths were different, our prognosis very different. My brain is still trying to process how that happens.

What I do know though is that her story has touched many hearts and a lot of people have been reminded that this life is precious. I was listening to an interview on the radio with her the other day and she said she was initially angry (and so understandable) but had to relook at how she was spending the rest of her life, when her husband told her he wasn't going to watch her die angry. So she changed to making sure she left this life doing the things that were important with such grace and beauty.

I for one am giving my kiddies one extra squeeze and kiss when I put them to bed tonight.

Again, I'll say what I've said many times. Cancer sucks.

I'll leave her words to finish this post.

"I wrote about my journey to raise awareness of Breast Cancer in young women and encourage them to check themselves from 20years old, not 40! I also want to encourage people to appreciate what they have and live their lives to the fullest. Life is not about our jobs or the things we own. It’s about relationships and appreciating those we love."

Rest in Peace Natalie.


jacksta said...

xx hugs

PaisleyJade said...

I just read about her today and cried. Some people have such a rough journey - it really does make you appreciate the important things in your life doesn't it. xoxo

Leonie said...

Oh that is just so heartbreaking Mon. What an amazing woman.

Hootnz said...

I had read about this amazing woman in herald a couple of weeks ago and just visited her site... so very sad and a definate reality check as I look at my 2 yr old playing happily around me.
It's makes you want to cry. xxx

Miriam said...

Sending you love with your journey through this too. As any mother I am so gutted for her and her beautiful little family at this loss and I am reminded once again to make the most of every moment with my babies.