10 January 2012

Christmas in Pictures

I haven't posted these yet.
Yes they are a bit late.
They are the pictures from our Christmas away.

For the first time since Owen and I had been married (13 years this year!) we haven't been away from Auckland for the actual day. Usually we are all over the show, piling kids into the car while a massive brunch was still sitting heavy in our tummies and heading off to another family do to eat more food that we had no appetite for. Which is not a terrible thing, as we got to spend time with precious family and eat and enjoy each other's company. But this year? It was calling for a break in tradition. Something different. Not the same old, same old. My brothers were coming home. For the first time in 5 years we were having a Christmas together, so we decided to up sticks and take off up North.
We had an early Christmas with Owen's family and then off we went.

Big boys never really grow up...

My little brother Eddie and Mads

Well it was BLISS - sun was shining, kids were up early, full English breakfast, swimming in the ocean, playing in the sun, napping on the couch, eating more food, taking photos, moving the dining table to the garden to enjoy dinner alfresco. Lots of laughing and lots of fun. Geez I love my family...never a dull moment that's for sure!

Mads was genuinely terrified

Alex and his beautiful gal Monica

Thanks for the memories guys!


PaisleyJade said...

Looks like the perfect Christmas. Love the pics!!

Hootnz said...

Looks ideal to me... we did the big drive around, and it's just too much.
Love the spaceman costume!

And that house looks incredibly like the interior of my house that I'm moving on to our land in a couple of weeks, ... they must decorate their house in a similar fashion up there :) lol

Little Gumnut said...

gorgeous portraits Mon! Looks like so much fun!

jacksta said...