19 March 2012

Finally here!

Ahhhh.....BIG sigh of relief!

We are here. We have arrived in our new home. Actually we've already been here a week but its taken me that long just to get some time to process these and post them up.
This place is AMAZING for photography! I woke up on Tuesday morning with THE most glorious sunrise going on outside....so I took this.

Then a few minutes later, still on the deck in awe I turned the other way and saw this!

That my darlings is the beautiful Kaimai Ranges, covered in cloud which was just sitting over it like magic. This view changes everyday depending on the tide, the cloud, the weather. Right now, as it is over most of the North Island, its pretty miserable outside so I've saved the above picture as my desktop pic to make me feel warm and fuzzy.

The move went well. The truck was a little smaller than I had imagined so I had a wee panic - we had BOXES and BOXES of so.much.stuff. I had thought I had done well getting rid of heaps, obviously I hadn't done enough. But thanks to mum calming me down it all got moved in the end and some amazing people put in a heap of effort on our behalf. I couldn't be more grateful to them.

So in the week since then, we've unpacked, set up home and celebrated Madeline's 10th birthday, lost Johnny in The Warehouse in Tauranga, bought new school uniforms, started kindy, figured out Skype, clapped Katie on finally ditching her training wheels, damaged the front bumper of the new car (oops), eaten many avocados, found some massive spiders, watched all manner of bird life and today was the girls first day at school. Phew! (Oh and we found Johnny again, in case you were wondering).

So now I have plenty of time to work on baking and assignments and of course more time for blogging now I'm not knee deep in cardboard boxes. It's so great to be settled. We couldn't be more happy being down here, except for the fact all our friends are a little bit further away :(

I'll leave you with a few photos that my gorgeous friend Emma took the day we moved in. Enjoy!

My thoughts are going out to all my friends stuck in flooded Northland today. Especially YOU Kelly! xx


jacksta said...

lovely Pix.
So glad you are happily settled in!

Widge said...

Wow looks totally amazing!!!! You should start painting your beautiful views too!

Hootnz said...

Congratulations on your big move! Looks stunning at what a change.... who's on firewood duty? lol. Hope the kids have settled well :)