27 March 2012

Little & Friday

A couple of years ago I used to go walking with a friend around Belmont/Eversleigh Rd area when a little bakery popped up in an old butchers shop in an out of the way group of shops that housed a roast shop and a catering company. Called Little & Friday it was so little it was almost a hole in the wall business with an awesome look of a warehouse painted white mixed in with items from your grandmas kitchen. A whole wall was dedicated to shelves of old cookie cutters. I loved it!!

In the little cabinet of this small space they had the most divine wee cakes and pies, packaged fudge and giant meringues. It all looked so mouthwatering and divine. The shop had only been open a few days and this particular Friday was the first day they had been open for business to the general public. Despite our intent on walking for fitness we couldn't resist buying a couple of cakes and fresh espresso to go and I am so glad we did. We thought we had found an amazing secret! I remember I had the chocolate cake and my friend who was on a gluten free diet had the orange rosewater cake.
What makes Little & Friday standout is that Kim makes all her food with the best organic ingredients and I tell you her cream donuts are the BEST I've ever had!

Word spread and before long the shop, which was previously only open on Fridays opened its doors for the entire week. A year later they expanded into the shop next door, and last year opened a second store in Newmarket. If you live in Auckland and you haven't heard of Little & Friday then you've been living under a rock! And if you don't live in Auckland Kim, the owner, is now the author of a new baking book where she shares her amazing recipes for you to try making yourself.

The book is available from any good book shop (I even found a few copies in the Paper Plus shop here in Katikati much to my excitement...I did a happy dance when I saw it!) or online here.

Anyway this book is beautifully and mouthwateringly presented and I'm so so happy to have it on my ever growing baking bookcase!

Here's a wee video from Kim about it.


Little Gumnut said...

oooh that's so on my wishlist!!! Wow what a beautiful story too.

Sammy said...

Emerging from under my rock...!!! How could I have not known about this given that I am baking freak? Will have to go and get a cream bake!

Lyns said...

oh I too have been living under a rock, but will be sure to do a visit soon. x

Monica Williams said...

Yes you do, try some and report back to me! The savory brioche too is the bestest ever. Its worth treating yourself every now and then hey ? ;)