20 March 2012

New Beach

This was our old beach...

This is our new beach.

Well its actually more of an estuary. Not as blue and sandy but private, full of fish and just below our garden.
So far we have seen heron, kingfisher, quail, swans, ducks, LOTS of seagulls, hawks, tui and lots of other birds I don't know the name for.
We even have a view of little Tutaetaka Island, a Maori burial ground. When the tide is in and its calm the fish start flinging themselves out of the water, its amazing to watch!


Sammy said...

Oh my gosh, a beach at the end of your garden! That's amazing- it looks beautiful

Simoney said...

WOW!!! Photographers heaven!!!
So glad you're loving it; what amazing views.

Gail said...

Love your new home! Beautiful and stunning! And the happy faces!