17 April 2012

13 Years

Just a few favourite pics from what is still the best day ever. 13 years today.

I know, these are photos of my photos. I don't have digital versions. It was 1999.
And I couldn't be bothered scanning them all in.
You can see the dust marks even.

I look at these and sigh at how little my waist was. How toned my legs were. Oh and okay, my boobs were perfect. Untouched by breastfeeding and breast cancer. How time changes things.
Wouldn't change anything. (except the cancer part).
Owen hasn't changed a bit. Apart from a lot more grey hairs. And a better haircut. Like I said it was 1999. And he went to his mothers hairdresser.

So a romantic home cooked meal is on the cards and hopefully sleeping children so we can at least have a normal conversation not interrupted by fighting or overstimulated children. There's a lot of screaming in this house lately.

Better get out of my pajamas and get on with the best lamb rack meal I've ever made. Wish me luck.


Gail said...

GORGEOUS!! Beautiful photos! Congratulations on 13 years!!

jacksta said...

congrats ♥
Yip hearing ya about the screaming!

Miriam said...

Congrats! You look gorgeous and so happy. We were married in 1999 as well (it was a good year!) Here's to many more happy anniversaries and racks of lamb!