31 May 2012

Afternoon Tea Delight

Today was the last day of autumn. For the day before winters official start it was a beauty.
Sunlight dappled through the avocado orchard and glistened off the water.

Outside though we've really needed to wrap up warm these last few days and I've even been keeping my beanie on. Oh I'm so grateful for a woodburner!

But since it was so beautiful I thought I'd make an afternoon tea cake as I was so inspired by the light and clarity of the day.

These beautiful cups and saucers are from Owen's grandmother, and the plate belonged to my grandmother. Some of the only precious items from them in my cabinet.

It's just something I just whipped up real easy and simple but looks so delicious. Sometimes a good sandwich cake just really hits the spot. This one is a lovely moist chocolate cake with blueberry jam and vanilla bean buttercream. It's a soft creamy and light cake to eat.

Served up with a cup of tea it makes a lovely sunny wintery day feel like heaven.


Gail said...

You have the MOST inviting home. Ever. I want to sit and have cake and tea there.

Sophie said...

ooooh Mon, your photography, your food, your tea cups, your watermark! I'm in love! Hope you don't mind, I've pinned one of your pics, hopefully it'll generate more traffic your way.

Widge said...

yep I vote when all us bloggy gang can finally all meet one day it's at your place! ;)

Simoney said...

Oh oh oh.
Wishing you were still just over the bridge.
Gutted I didn't get one last afternoon tea with you before you headed for the hills...
So in awe of you baking skills... and your photography too!

jjs said...

I wish this was on my counter right now. We are just heading into summer and that cake with a cup of tea on the deck would be perfect.