18 June 2012

Delissilinks - Race Car Cakes

So this weekend we had a race car party theme so I thought I'd showcase some neat car cakes car cakes I've found around the internet.

Starting with this great one from Debbie Does Cakes.

I got the Herbie movie out (along with the Cars movies) to play for the kids. I loved Herbie movies when I was a kid. As it turned out none of the kids watched it. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo is a long movie and I guess not as exciting for the kids anymore? So I suppose this would be a great cake for an older generation, isn't it neat?

And this one by Cakes by Lully

 This one is really cool for the Formula 1 enthusiast. By Pink Cake Box.

This one is cute. Johnny loves Roary the Racing Car! This one is by JVCakes.

For the Holden fan I love the simplicity and clean lines - it has a great impact without being a literal car cake.  From Cravings Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies.

Another cake with a race car theme without being an actual car is this one by Tasteful Cakes.

And any parent who has a son will know that Cars is right up there as a favourite. I think I've seen the first movie around 10,000 times. This cake would knock the socks off any young boy! This is by FranceP, from Cake Central and was for her son. Puts my little attempt to shame!!

That is all.

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Alessandra said...

Amazing, especially the first one!