17 June 2012

Happy 5th

My Johnny is almost nearly 5! Only 3 days until I no longer have a preschooler at home with me. Waaahhhh!!

Nah I'm okay with it. I have to be. He's more than happy to be going to school and I know he will love it. He's just one of those kids - happy to be part of something and happy to learn. Its just that its so strange knowing that's the last of the baby years gone and we are heading into a new era. I shall miss his constant chatty banter and hilarious stories during the day quite a lot. But I'm looking forward to watching him grow up into a lovely young boy who enjoys life to the full.

So anyway enough with my silly sadness. And on with the party.

Facetime with Uncle Alex  in Chile before the party...

Setting up the food table.

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache. 

Race time

Mads sorts them out

This cracked me up! Total carnage on the 3-legged racing!
Sack racing in my old pillowcases. Johnny sulked in the flax bushed because he didn't win.

My lovely big girl who organised all the boys into their races. She's a great party planner!

The boys watch Cars 2. So do the big boys.

What a great day. And in the evening we finished off with playing with new presetns, eating leftovers, bacon sammies, reading through vintage car books (dad) and good and All Blacks rugby. Ahhh it's always such a GREAT feeling when a party is over.

Doing the haka...


Hootnz said...

What a awesome party! Love all the treats... would have loved to be there to sample them all! yum yum.
Something that I suck at is parties :)

jacksta said...

Looks like an amazing party.
Well done Mon! And Happy Birthday Jonny!

Simoney said...

Lovely!!! Your new place looks amazing... what a great spot... you guys look like you are all really enjoying the day, and i LOVE all your little details (from one party girl to another)
Beautiful job Mon.

(PS can't believe he's FIVE!)