11 June 2012

Party Prep

I zipped up to Waihi today in the hopes that I could grab an excellent coffee from the Tea Tree Cafe but ALAS they were closed! What a pain!! Its so hard to get a real proper coffee in these parts that I have to drive 25km just to get one and this coffee is really really good. Oh well. I got these instead, which was actually my real reason for heading up. These were actually needed for an assignment.

I did find a giant blackboard sticker in the shape of NZ in a shop there too. Its pretty cool actually. I have a plan for it which doesn't include sticking it to the nice new paint work in this house.

This week is going to be busy (heck, when isn't it?). Johnny is turning 5 next week. 5! My baby is ending his preschool years and we are heading into territory that I have been slightly dreading and anticipating all at once. I feel quite heartbroken really at the thought of him not keeping me company and asking me endless questions and generally being the best little buddy ever. Johnny keeps me laughing all the time. He has natural comedic timing like his uncles.

To console myself I'm putting on the best party he's had yet, or at least I plan to. Its a racing car theme complete with racing car cookies, cupcakes and cake. 

Oh and check out this link to a Grand Prix Ferrari styled party by Kara's Party Ideas. I love it!

I'm working on a J for his room, I've bought some neat party accessories, found some neat vintage racing car books, the baking side is covered easily - now I just have to figure out some games and PRAY for good weather. Nine little boys running around outside is totally fine, but nine little boys running around my house is quite another. So if the weather does fail the garage will come in real handy.

Wish me luck!

Yes I will be taking photos!


jacksta said...

suck that you dont have any descent coffee in your parts.
Great pix.
And looks like the party is going to be a hit!

Simoney said...

CAN'T WAIT to see your party!!!
P.S. Are you or are you NOT in/near Tauranga?? They are about to launch an Equippers Church down there and i think it's pretty happnin' if you're looking for a church.
Let me know and I'll find you the details if you want

Hootnz said...

Wishing you lots of luck... I'm sure you'll do an amazing job as always :) And thankyou for your lovely comment Mon x