24 July 2012

Rhubarb & Orange Compote with Meringue

So yesterday I was up in Auckland for an appointment with the plastic surgeon. I drove up to spend the night halfway up there with my best girl Becky and her family, on the way collecting myself a speeding ticket (oh man SO didn't need that!) and then left them early to make an 8.30am appointment. 
As it turned out I was so grateful for such an early appointment by the end of the day!

I left Auckland at 10am and by the time I got to Paeroa the rain was getting harder so I decided against pulling over and browsing through the awesome antique shops they have there. Just past Paeroa is the beautiful Karangahake Gorge which usually is a picturesque drive with a river meandering along beside you. Yesterday it was a raging angry torrent which, as I was driving, was threatening to come right over the top and swallow up the road! It was scary! I decided to turn off and take a back road to avoid going through the next town of Waihi - every farm I passed was flooded and the poor old cows looked miserable. Driving into Katitkati I got stuck in a traffic jam as the river that runs behind the town flooded over and caused major disruption on the State Highway. I realised when I finally got home that had I been 10minutes late or had I popped into the shops at Paeroa I would have been looking at a night there, or driving back to Becky's house for the night as they closed all the roads I could take home due to all the flooding. So next time I'm given a hideously early appointment at hospital I shall just be happy - these things always work out right?

Usually the water level is WAY below this!

Anyway today I'm making a sweet dessert. 

This compote came from the Little and Friday book yet again, its in their book in the back under Poached Rhubarb. Its absolutely divine with anything...ice cream, morning porridge, rice pudding, anything really. 

I've added mine with some low fat lemon yogurt to some light peachy meringues I made. The combination of the sweet crunchy meringue, tart and orangy sticky compote and creamy yogurt is delicious! You could add cream but I didn't have any and also I didn't want the heaviness of the cream.

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Anonymous said...

That looks divine! I love Little & Friday, its a real treat stopping in there for something sweet - must get my hands on a copy of the recipe book.