15 July 2012

What Little Girls Are Made Of...

Sugar and spice and all things nice....and frolicking in orchards and making daisy chains and floral art.
Of being little mothers to babies and giggling together.

We had some lovely friends down to visit this weekend and while Madeline was out with them visiting the local op shops these wee girls, Johnny and I took a stroll.

And the token boy on this little jaunt? He's not made of snails and puppy dog tails - but he does smell like dirt, run like crazy, jump on everything and ride his bike like a maniac. He also gives great hugs. And I love him fiercely for all of that. He reminds me of his father everyday.

Today though we are feeling the nasty effects of a tummy bug and all three of my children have been camping in the lounge with towels, bowls and the Adventure Time marathon on Cartoon Network. And so the end to a relaxing lovely holiday ends on a bit of a low note. I'm feeling thankful that they all have it at once rather than having it staggered and drawn out. Fingers crossed me and Owen don't get it!

I also wanted to say the support from my last post has blown me away. I didn't expect to get the amount of feedback I have received over that. I'm so grateful to each and every person who has supported me and my family - I honestly feel so incredibly loved. Thank you to everyone who has commented and emailed me.



Leonie said...

stunning photos!!

Simoney said...

ABSOLUTELY stunning.

Words. Fail. me.

PaisleyJade said...

How cute! Lovely photos - so precious!