26 August 2012

A Happy Week. Part 2

Warning: This post is picture heavy!

The sun came out this week just to show off to Carla and George, and Uncle Ian and Auntie Linda hanging up in Auckland with mum and dad. Phew. Apparently our winter is as good as their summer, this week perhaps better? At any rate its nearly spring and the sun finally came out to warm our chilled bones and give us a break from the colour grey!

I took Carla and George to Mt Maunganui

We played in the sand

Had coffee and gelato (so good)

Then spent the rest of the time coughing and spluttering as the flu hit the household.

And an early morning drive back up to Auckland on Friday...on this occasion all five of us went.

That was followed by a day of insanity as I had already forgotten the crazy traffic of Auckland, particularly the traffic out of Devonport! In any rate I was up because I had an appointment at Auckland, which saw the last of my drug taking - I've been taking some sort of drug or treatment since May 2010 and I am so so so relieved to see the last of the drugs! My body will be thanking me too. I was in a cloud of happiness, marred only by the fact we had to say an awful farewell to some pretty special people in our lives.

First of all my 'sister' here in NZ and one of my closest loveliest friends, Claire and her partner Nathan and their kids as they are readying themselves for a huge family move to Korea. I will miss her like crazy.

Then a farewell again to my lovely family - and a massive thank you for bringing a little bit of Gran back to us. I love you all and wish you could stay so we can have some more laughs!

Here's to precious moments and No More Drugs!

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Miriam said...

yay for no more drugs that is AWESOME news!