17 August 2012

Friendship...and sugar

Is anything more special than friendship? 

No, I don't think so.

This week had the pleasure of the company of a friend I've known for over 13 years. She's certainly someone I am so proud to call my friend and honorary sister. This woman has lived with us, fed our children, folded my washing, shared wonderful and precious moments of her life and looked after me when I needed it the most and I love her to pieces. Now she's the mother of the sweetest little boy and a baker of wonderful things. With her blog Smash Cakes Ashley is taking on the gluten free eating world one delicious cake/slice/cookie at a time as well as regularly guest posting on the Mama's Style blog.

Much to my immense pleasure Ash and her little man have been down spending the week with us and we managed to sneak in a fair bit of baking time in between drinking (mostly tea) and cruising the local op shops and spending some time in the sun (when it deigned to come out). 
I'm gonna miss them both when they head back to Auckland tomorrow.

In the meantime check out her blog for this delicious recipe of gluten free honey rolled cookies that we worked on (and subsequently ate) this week.
They are oh so damn good!


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Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Yep I agree, friendship is so precious xx