18 September 2012

Am I making you peckish?

One thing you can rely on is that when you drop a gigantic chocolate cake off to a bunch of hardworking men is that it is going to be eaten down to every last crumb.

These last few weeks have seen me working on my book in the form of baking mental amounts to then set up in my temporary studio (also known as the lounge) and capture well enough to make you drool. If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram you may have had a guts-full of my creations already.

Today though with the two layer chocolate fudge cake on the schedule I thought I really couldn't handle another cake at home. Even the kids are getting blasé about it all.

So I dropped this baby off to Owen's work, where the men were all hard at work coring the greens for the upcoming busy golfing season.

Suffice to say it went down a treat. And the only knife they had to cut it with was a hunting knife.

Righto, back to the kitchen. There's more tarts, slices and cupcakes still to be made.

I'm at home all week if you're peckish.

this week so far...


Miriam said...

kind of sad it is such a long way... I'd be popping in just sayin! What's the timeline for the book?

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

mmmmmmm xx

Monica Williams said...

It will be published in November Miriam, which isn't very far away. Scarily fast!!

Hootnz said...

Awww! I would be there in a flash :P YUM!!!