02 September 2012


This weekend we were lucky enough to have my parents down again. 
Dad has been competing in a mountain bike competition over the last few months in Rotorua, using our place to stop in and stay. This weekend happily collided with Fathers Day so we could spend it together.
It was so lovely. Except dad got sick. 
So he couldn't ride.

This man never gets sick. In fact mum said this is the third time since she's known him to ever have had a virus. He was coughing and croaking and looking rather tired. So he slept most of the day. 

Awww. Sleepy time with Poppa.

As horrible as it was to see him sick I didn't have such a great chance to remind him why he is so special. But sometimes you don't need words....so I made him an apple and blueberry crumble. His fav.

This man taught me how to laugh and how to make stupid jokes. 
He's inspired me to be creative and to love art in many forms. 
He's shown me generosity and humbleness. 
He's picked me up from town when I've missed the last ferry home because he didn't want me stuck. 
And he did it happily. A few times.
He always told me I was beautiful - even when I was 15, spotty and "always right".
He kept himself together when I announced at the age of 18 I was getting married. He did go a bit pale.
He gave me away at the alter like a boss.
He's modeled marriage and partnership and compromise amazingly and supported Owen and I throughout our last 13 years.
He is the best Poppa any grand kid could ask for.
He's always at the right time at the right place and has been an amazing father-in-law for Owen since he lost his dad almost 6 years ago.
I love him so so so much. 

Happy Fathers Day Dad. You're a heck of an amazing one.
Get better soon aye?

Dad, myself and Owen's hugely missed late father. 


jacksta said...

what a lovely tribute. He sounds like a legend

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

This is lovely x