05 September 2012

Young Survivors NZ

A few months ago I started thinking I should stop complaining about the lack of support for young women after cancer treatment and although writing letters like this is important, why not blimming well do something about it?

So I started a group. 
Called Young Survivors NZ. 
For young women like me who have experienced life with cancer. 
In any form.
We don't discriminate. 
Breast, ovarian, hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia, liver, lung, skin...the list goes on. There's too much cancer out there for our liking that's for sure.
We are a rag tag group of beautiful people affected deeply by a cancer diagnosis. There are women who had a diagnosis years ago, or are still in treatment, or perhaps are repeating treatment. Women who had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation or one of those or a combination. Women with children or are wondering if they can still have children. Women with full time jobs, or struggling to get themselves back into normal life. 

If you are someone who could benefit from this group then please join us! Click on the Young Survivors NZ tab at the top of my blog. It will take you straight to the page.

And please read this wonderful post by Andrea of Stray Musings + Snapshots. Andrea is one of the admin for the Young Survivors NZ Facebook page and is a wonderful and extremely talented woman from Nelson who last year was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 21. Although we have never met we are both passionate about letting people know the struggles and even joys from life journeying with cancer, and we blog not only to process for ourselves but to let others out there not feel alone. 
We are both also keen for other women to have a place to vent and find support.

In the last few days alone there have been more members joining than ever before. I've been throwing the information around to various areas and hopefully we can see where this thing takes us. 

This is what has been missing.


Hootnz said...

That is a fantastic idea... I understand how important these groups are... my cleft lip/palate group via facebook is a lifeline for many of us, we are all going through different stages of the journey and it is a wonderful sounding board for all our concerns and triumphs!.... This group you have started will be invaluable for sure ")

Andrea. Basil. 22. said...

Beautifully written Monica. x

Cat said...

Beautifully written xxx
I found when I told my friends about my cervical I 'frightened/scared' a couple of them into getting smears done that were well over due!
Knowledge Support Love Friendship is all very important xx

Monica Williams said...

Good on you Cat! Good move. I'm all for making sure women look after themselves by getting smears, and checking their breasts!

Miriam said...

Good for you Monica I love that you are doing something to support others - you have a deep and generous heart x

Heather said...

What a wonderful idea Monica - I was a young survivor 25 years ago last month - am I too old to join the Facebook group? - 28 yrs old, a four year old and a one year old and Hodgkins !! I know the lonely place it can be - imagine 1988 if you can - no internet !! - just the library !! Chemo, radiation and all the side effects to go with it,couldn't work, a wonderful husband and a mortgage at 27% interest rates !! Happy to say I'm still here and always happy to share and help and listen. Have commented before through the Daring Bakers on your blog. Good luck with the group.

Monica Williams said...

Heather yes of course you should join. Your advice and support would be invaluable to all of us. Geez that would have been tough to go through for you!

Barbs said...

Well done Mon, and I agree wholeheartedly with what Miriam said. You are a wonderful person for doing this.

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea!!!!