08 October 2012

Delissimon Book

With only weeks left before my book has to be off to the printers I'm frantically pulling everything together - sitting at my computer and moaning occasionally or bashing my head against the desk because the computer is deciding to go so.damn.slow.

Lucky for me its school holidays and I've got the kids outside playing make believe castles in the orchard, or when its raining getting the craft stuff out and making do while I continue to barely acknowledge them and allow them to eat marshmallows for lunch. I'm modelling such amazing parenting right now! Hehe.
Its okay, they're not being deprived (in fact they are loving it).

So. The book. I realise I haven't explained much about it but I'm doing it because its my final BIG project for my photography diploma. It will be about 55 pages and has around 13 recipes that I've developed and perfected over the last 7 years. I'm so so proud of this and I really hope it leads to more opportunities for me to showcase what I can do. I can't wait to show you all!

Keep your eyes peeled this December as it won't be available until then.
There is more information to come soon on pricing etc...and maybe some more sneak peeks!



greta @ ontopofalilypad said...

That is really exciting and your photos always look so gorgeous, well done :)

Miriam said...

So excited for you! I do look forward to details - will we we able to pre-order?

Simoney said...

Oooh Mon, I am so excited for you!
I just discovered that on Blurb you can actually sell print copies of your book (you set the profit and receive 100% of it after costs) AND an eBook version (including graphics)
You might want to investigate this after you get done with the assignemt side of it... I would LOVE to buy a copy!