14 October 2012


I took the kids up to Auckland for some time with family and friends these holidays.

We went home. Or did we?

As lovely as it was to be up in our home town without rushing around to various medical appointments I was so relieved to get to our actual home in Katikati yesterday afternoon. Despite the severe wind warning and the lack of power from the stormy winds.
We got out the candles and camped in the lounge instead. 

Its been 8 months since we moved and home has now become a different place.
And that's a good thing.

The kids have been wanting to do this ever since we moved down this way...

Staying at mum and dads. The most perfect cup of tea everytime.

Putting our feet in the sand at Cheltenham Beach and soaking up the sun in our favourite spot.

Spending a sunny morning in the garden with this lovely woman , her mum and Hannah and Osky

But it sure was nice to be up in Auckland with some sun and some beautiful people. 
It's still pretty amazing up there!

Thank you all.

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meg said...

Your photos are gorgeous, so vibrant and delicious (and I'm not just talking about the food ones). Sadly some are so big that I can't see them properly on my screen without scrolling. I am at work so might have to try at home. Meg x