02 October 2012

Weekend Bliss

So yeah its Tuesday and I'm finally posting about the weekend.
My computer mouse ran out of batteries.
And I was having too much fun not sitting at a computer anyway.

 The third school term has ended and we have entered the spring school holidays. I am anticipating sunshine these holidays. I am PRAYING for sunshine these holidays. We need a break from the grey.

This weekend we pottered, the kids played, we spread ourselves out on the deck with blankets and pillows in an attempt to soak up every single ray of sunshine. Our cheeks and shoulders were left pink, reminding me to start stocking up on sunscreen.
Climbing into bed at night feeling the boost of vitamin D running through my body = sleeping like a baby.

Johnny and Katie picked me flowers.

Madeline and I made bread.

I'm still plodding away on my book recipes so apologies for lack of posting lately. All my concentration has been elsewhere. But just hold tight as next month you will get to see the fruits of all my labours.

Here's to a good school holidays!

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jacksta said...

great pix.
Yes we all need sunshine!