19 November 2012

Lemons into Lemonade...kinda

Johnny's been playing in a rippa rugby tournament every Monday after school lately. 
It's about a 25 minute drive away up the highway to a little inlet in the bay. 
Today I was so so tired I felt my eyes drooping and body aching - the couch was begging me to sit on it and stay there. I knew if I sat down I'd never get back up!
So I dragged myself to school to pick up the kids, grab some waters and afternoon teas and high tail it up to the sports field.

We turned up in our usual rush and disorder only to find out there was actually a bye and of course I hadn't checked the schedule I had so carefully put on our fridge (I usually lose these important pieces of paper) so I didn't forget this kind of thing.

Of all the days when a lie down would have been ok!

Instead of trekking back home back up the highway I decided perhaps a read of the paper while the kids played in the park, then a slow gentle stroll across the beach was in order.

Not exactly a lemons into lemonade in the dramatic sense but it was one of those moments I could have been easily frustrated and flustered and instead I just thought - stuff it, lets just enjoy while we're here.

I guess it was just what we all needed...

Strolling along a beach does something to my soul in a very good way.

(see the pohutakawa beginning to blossom in the background?)

(this cute wee shack was for sale...I was dreaming of a perfect beach cottage hideaway!)

Yeah I didn't have my camera, only my phone. 
Yeah my lens was rather smudgey!


Leonie said...

Wow, beautiful spot Mon. Glad you got to enjoy it even if it didn't go quite to plan!

Heather said...

Lovely .. and it was a lovely day today ...get that nap on the couch tomorrow :)

Cat said...

I hardly ever carry my camera anymore, only my phone . . . is that bad of me?
LOVE that beach front bach - where is it?
Oh I hear you re having to drag yourself . . .

jacksta said...

here I was thinking you has enhanced your pics on purpose! I thought they still looked cool.
Love this. We should schedule more relaxing and "be" times with the kids. Especially at the beach.

Weza said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Oh how I miss Pohutakawa, it is such a symbol of Christmas to me. So feel free to post as many pics as you can of those gorgeous trees.

Hootnz said...

Yeah I think this totally qualifies for lemons into lemonade...how frustrating..but worth it it in the end :) Well done x