23 November 2012


Do you know I have 3 Monica's in my life?

I spent a brief period of time when I was younger feeling like I needed a name change...to a more common normal name. I remember wondering why couldn't have my parents named me Amy instead of relegating that fabulous name to my middle name? Anyway one of my best friends ended up being an Amy, that would have just been confusing so its just as well I made peace with it.
Until 5 years ago I had never met another Monica apart from the beautiful lady and best friend of my mother to whom I was named after. She is one cool Monica to be named after.

Now in 99 days a very special Monica is about to become my sister-in-law. She's a petite, curly haired Latina firecracker with a delicious laugh and a wicked sense of humour. She's delightful and talented and  I can't wait to be at this wedding because I can't think of a better person for my brother.

I also more recently met another Monica, who even more coincidentally has shared the same breast cancer journey as me. She is a very very smart lady with a lot of good advice to give, mixed in with a lot of goofy laughter. This week while relaxing in her garden in the sun and a coffee she gave me some food for thought about my upcoming surgery. Some very wise and decent advice.
So I went home and thought about it.

Then my dad talked to me and said the same thing.
Then my someone else said the same thing.

Don't you love when something that has been weighing on your mind and you need to make a decision it helps to make it when people are all on the same wavelength? And the advice is good?

Well anyway, the upshot of all this rambling is that I have decided to put off my surgery until after March 2013. This way I can enjoy our trip of a lifetime to watch my brother marry his Monica in Santiago without having to worry about pain or fatigue. 
The boob can wait; creating precious family memories is the top of the list of my life.

I feel really at peace and good about this now - its been a long road of waiting and re-evaluating. There will be an end to it eventually!


jacksta said...

good plan Sweet pea.
What an awesome time you will all have!

Barbs said...

So glad to hear Mon. Hope you have an awesome trip.

Miriam said...

good for you - I hope that the great fun you have only emphasises to you that this was the right choice xx

Weza said...

I do love it when the answer comes in so many forms. It brings such a surety of choice. Enjoy your family trip of a life time. How exciting!

Widge said...

awww have fun!!!!
good decision!
And I knew a Monica who was an amazing lady too. She was my parents boss when I was a child and they ran a family home, she worked for the City Mission and had THE most generous heart ever.
I still think often of the amazing presents she used to spoil me with because she didn't have any grandchildren of her own.

Also didn't there used to be an ad about mono foil with a Monica? Can't totally remember but if there was I'm sure you would :)

Hootnz said...

That does sound like the right idea...this trip sounds like it's going to be filled with so many happy memories :)

Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Hi Monica, I'm pleased you have made a decision you are happy with and I would have to agree too. Having had a tram flap recon in June I have issues with nerve pain so am on meds for that still. I also still have pain issues from time to time when I overdo things. Go and enjoy this wonderful time of celebration with your family. I know how hard it is not to be able to go swimming, etc but that will change. Cath