13 November 2012

Never Ending Saga

The seemingly never-ending saga of my journey towards a reconstructed breast has taken an incy wincy tiny step forward. 
No I STILL don't have a date but I am supposed to hear back any day now (I've been ringing every week to hassle them and remind them I exist!).
I have however been booked in for a chest and abdominal cavity CT scan up at Middlemore in two weeks time. This is a good start, it means they are keen on getting me ready.

When the surgeon comes back with his annual leave dates then they'll fit me in. I'm still hoping and praying and crossing all my fingers and toes he wants to do my surgery before he goes on holiday....please Mr Surgeon!?!?!?!

If they can't fit me in I'll have to put off the surgery until after March next year as we are going to Chile at the end of February and I CAN'T travel 6 weeks, preferably more, after surgery. Its going to be hard enough to move around my house let alone travelling on a plane. Besides I really want to enjoy my big brother getting married without worrying about my own health.
I really really really don't want to wait. My brain has been fixated on the December surgery to go ahead and I think if they can't do it I'm going to be a little bit heartbroken. On the other hand I'm trying to be all cool about it as I'm sick of this whole thing dominating my emotions, however getting a job, planning my support team and just putting my life on hold is proving very difficult until I'm sure what I'm doing.

In the meantime...we wait. 



jacksta said...

Come on mr surgeon!

Barbs said...

Waiting for surgery is so very hard. Here's hoping you get good news soon.

Hootnz said...

Crossing fingers x