13 December 2012


 This girl....

Today is 8.

Eight years ago today I became a mummy for the second time around to a 7 pound 5 ounce frowning little girl. She was my one and only natural birth and compared to the other two, she was a breeze. It was a dream birth really. And she's been a dream ever since. Okay, so anyone who knows Katie knows we've had our nightmare moments too! But she's made us laugh a lot over these last 8 years and we love her to bits for being such a loving, energetic and happy kid who has that constant sparkle in her eye. 

So I've left a photos that sum this kid up for me.

Happy Birthday Boo! We love you dearly and madly!

THAT is a look of happiness and triumph on my face.



When we found mummy's lipstick...

When we found chalk


Taken this morning before school. My delicious girls.


Weza said...

Happy Birthday to your 8 year old! Isnt it crazy how the years fly by.

Sammy said...

Gorgeous girl xxx

Leonie said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

PaisleyJade said...