15 December 2012


Today is shining bright and beautiful and full of summer promise here in NZ.
I woke up to sun in my face and I thought YES today is good!

Then I heard the news. 
20 children gunned down, teachers gunned down. Another senseless mass murder in the US.
The last time a school massacre affected my mind this bad was when the Columbine shooting occurred  Owen and I were on our honeymoon at the time, the wedded bliss became rather less shiny. Events like this are hard to ignore and forget, even when they occur on the other side of the world.
I then discovered a beautiful blogger friend has her kids at Sandy Hook Elementary. And I am so thankful they are safe.

My prayers go out to you Laura. The community and your neighbours, your kids friends and the trauma they have all had to suffer. The innocence they've lost. And for those who will be missing Christmas without their precious family member.



Leonie said...

Oh Mon, it is such a terrible tragedy. I am struggling to comprehend what those poor families are going through. X

Weza said...

Its all I can think about today. My heart is breaking for Newton. It is made so much more real when it touches on of our friends lives. All I am so terribly thankful that Laura's children are home safe, but so very very sad that they have been involved in such tragedy.