11 December 2012

Week in Pictures

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well. We've had a crazy few weeks while Fairview Golf Club, my husband's workplace, held a Pro-Am tournament that had taken up all our time. 

Now I am elbow deep in Christmas baking and preparations, although slow as the kids have been dropping like flies this week with a vomit bug. Hopefully that will be all cleared and out the way in time for my precious soon to be 8yr old birthday this week!

I'll leave you with our week (or two) in pictures....

The kids checking out the new work tractor

Johnny's Rippa Rugby final, sadly lost but heartily played

The Katikati Santa Parade

Making Christmas decorations, treats and listening to endless amounts of Christmas music! Yay!

Making chocolate peppermint cake...just because

Narrowly missing a much more serious injury, involving a sharp stick and a jumping energetic boy.

Enjoying the summer!

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jacksta said...

always a pleasure to peruse through your posts.
have a great holiday mon