15 January 2013

Beach Light

This weekend just gone we hosted the Williams family get together. We haven't seen each other since November so this was our belated Christmas get-together.

The weather was SO hot and beautiful, so I suggested a walk out to the estuary but the sun was just too overpowering. We got halfway to our point and we all turned around again and walked home to the shade and the garden sprinkler for the kids. I don't think we've had a hotter day down here, with the house being 30 deg C inside I can only imagine what the outside temps were.
What I do know is that it made it very difficult to sleep!

Anyway here are some pictures of our time. The kids had such a lovely time - they are all such great friends too which makes having them so special.

The light here at the beach is magical. I just can't get enough of it!