02 February 2013


We are back from our family escape. And what an escape it was!

The heat was incredibly overwhelming, along with the humidity it was almost unbearable. So we spent our days in the shade and the pool, venturing out in the evenings when the sun wasn't so intense.

Buffet breakfasts in the resort restaurant, where the kids had their own special corner to get their food - their eyes bulged at the pancakes, fruit, yogurt, cereals, pastries, muffins and juices it was bliss!

We ventured out a couple of times to Nadi town, once with the kids who promptly fell apart in the blinding heat, so we hightailed it back with them to the resort to enjoy the air con and cooling water. The next visit Owen and I went on our own on the local bus ($1!) while the kids were at the resort's Kids Club, which was far easier but still blimming hot. We enjoyed the feel and atmosphere of Nadi, but I was shocked at the poor state of the town... it was a real contrast to the modern, clean and well stocked resort areas. We managed to find a shop which gave us a "real" Fiji experience by providing a kava drinking ceremony and charging us an exorbitant price for a couple of trinkets...hmmm I think some places could use a bit of work on their dodgey tourism. But those things aside the trip was a great success in that we spent time together as a family, we relaxed and we made ourselves experience something so different and slightly out of our comfort zone.

The simple things are often the best, and the fact we all got to spend such precious quality time with each other without any pressures was the best gift anyone could receive.

I'll leave you with the first of my photos...I'll finish the rest in another post.


jacksta said...

aw I ♥ Fiji. I must take the kids there.
Gotta love the bus's with now windows aye?
Nadi is my home town. Know it well.

Hootnz said...

The photo's say it all :) Welcome back x

Leonie said...

Wow, you always have such amazing photos!

Looks beautiful!

Gail said...

We found there was a striking difference between resort life and 'real life' in Fiji too. Loved it there - but strikes a chord with the heart too!

Beautiful photos - so pleased you got that quality family time together - and bonus that your birthday was there too!!

Widge said...

Wow! those photos girl!!!!
sounds like an awesome Birthday x

Sima J said...

Amazing photos (as per!) Love Fiji .. I get to go there again at the end of this month for a friend's wedding (she's marrying a fijian) Should be interesting view as she will be living in the 'real' Fiji - it definitely strikes the heart strings!