20 March 2013


So. We are home.

We are exhausted.

We are happy. Overwhelmed. Amazed. 

We love our new family and my hope is that this won't be the last time we visit Chile. 
I have taken over 1000 photos, so there is LOTS to process.
These will be coming in due course (not all 1000 though, I wouldn't do that to you).

In the meantime here's what I've learned in 2 weeks...

Only Kiwi's wear barefeet with carefree abandon. In other countries it's downright rude.
Chilean weddings are the BEST ever.
There is only so much red meat that even my husband can take.
Kiwi's and Aussies still have a lot to learn about BBQ'ing.
 NZ is SO lucky to have amazing pristine and non populated coastlines
Chilean drivers are cray-cray.
Santiago is both a very old and a very modern city and there was a lot more greenery than I expected.
Chileans know how to make awesome parks.
Never order a Piscola with your lunch or you will be laughed at.
If you ever go to Chile, go North. Go to the desert. There's nothing else on earth like it.
Chile is a land of so many contrasts and full of beautiful people.
I should have taken one more suitcase to fill.

Right now we are all a bit jet lagged after a long flight home. We got delayed by 21 hours after our plane was delayed and then the replacement plane got a bird in the engine. We finally made it home at 3.30am yesterday morning - we've all been a bit upside down ever since.


Widge said...

welcome home! the pics from your trip n fb looked amazing.

Sammy said...

Welcome home x

PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like such an amazing adventure!! We are so funny here with our bare feet. Can't wait to see the pics. xoxo

Miriam said...

welcome home - hope the rest gets you right side up again soon

Hootnz said...

Looks incredible.... Look forward to seeing more pics... Was eyeing up that fabric too! ;-)

jacksta said...

glad you had a great time!

Liz said...

Wowee! Welcome home!