30 April 2013

Setback, for a little while anyway.

Why oh why is nothing ever easy?

In my last post I announced a date for my surgery had finally been decided and I had been fitted into a date vacated by someone else. Three years of waiting to be fixed were going to be over by next Thursday afternoon.

So I rang my mum, who booked her annual leave, I teed up friends to share the childcare duties. I even started mentally packing my bag for what would be a minimum 4 night stay and prepared for the recovery. I was even quitting sugar, caffeine and alcohol in preparation. I've been doing over 40 sit ups a day to prepare my abs for excellent use (they would be using those muscles to fashion a breast shape with).

And then this morning, as I was standing out in the forecourt of a tyre shop, after just getting half my body drained with blood for my pre-op check I got a phone call from my super nervous breast nurse (nervous because she had to break the news to me. Don't worry I didn't shoot the messenger). They had to cancel. A surgeon on the op team was unavailable.

Lucky I was wearing sunglasses as tears of frustration immediately came to the fore. And I'm still upset. To say I'm gutted is an understatement.
This is not some minor procedure, this is a massive deal and getting everything organised for post op is a big ask of a lot of people.

So, no new boobs for now. It's been postponed.

But you have four rowdy bouncing kids with you its hard to stay sad and feel sorry for oneself, so I took them for a ramble around The Mount and fed them hot chocolate and hot chips before heading home to break the news to my family. It's disappointing but not life threatening. It's out of my control, but it really really really really sucks all the same.

* I have two beautiful 11yr olds in my kitchen right now making me a chocolate fudge cake to make me feel better. And my 8yr old told me I deserve a glass of wine. Kids are pretty damn awesome aye?


jacksta said...

Im sorry Mon :(
That sucks big time
Cyber hugs your way

Simoney said...

sucky :(

BTW your kids are AMAZING.
I know a certain chappie who asks "When are we going back to mon's house"... (to see that fudge-cake baking 11 year old)


Sammy said...

Oh NO! What a bummer Mon xxxx

Barbs said...


Miriam said...

xxxxx Sucks xxxx praying that in time you will be able to see a good reason for the setback. Peace to you (and some chocolate and wine too!) x

Little Gumnut said...

That IS sucky. :( Big bloggy love. Enjoy that choccie cake and the wine. Love your tenderhearted kids.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Oh, Monica, I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I had a little tear reading this and just sensing your frustration. I know it's not life threatening, but I can totally understand how massively disappointing that is. I only hope you can find some comfort in the understanding that this happened for a reason, if only to discover how really cool, and supportive, and downright awesome your kids are.

Claire Dobson said...

Oh Monica, I've just jumped on here to give you a special message thinking that you were having the op today :(. I'm so sorry to hear of your frustration, but you know I always believe that things happen for a reason and today just wasn't meant to be. I believe it was for the best for you. Your time will come again and it will work out for the best. Be patient sweetie, just a wee bit longer xxxxx thinking of you and sending you cyber hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Love Claire xxxx

jjs said...

I understand your frustration. You made the cancellation list and the next time you will make it to the finish line. Thankfully you have lots of love and support of people who were will to step in to help which only means they truly love you and will do it all again...and again if need be. Some blessing are best served through tears:)