12 May 2013


This post is a tribute to my beautiful and quite amazing mum.
This year she is up in Auckland while I'm down here so we won't be with each other like I usually am so instead I'll give this rather public shout-out to how much my mum means to me.

Me just born...at home. Mum looks amazing!!!
My brothers and I were lucky enough to have mum at home waiting for us every day after school. She made amazing food. She was great helping with homework. She made school holidays fun.
She was firm, but loving. Immensely huggable. She fixed everything when it went wrong.
My worst moment was as an 8yr old being picked up from school by someone else because mum 
had broken her nose and needed to go to A & E. Until then I thought she was indestructible.

She also changed her hairstyles as often as her wardrobe...I still don't know her real hair colour.

In my later, and particularly important teen years she was approachable and open. Honest, wise and patient. She still is all these things. Practical, hardworking, selfless, loving, kind, beautiful, clever, funny, silly...she loves lemons, bubbles, babies, her family, her job, cooking, a well made gin and tonic, jelly babies, a good boogie on the dance floor and singing. 

We weren't really this orange...

Everytime something goes wrong or even right, she is the first person on the scene. She is always to be found in the kitchen where her love of cooking delicious food for her family (and then some) is masterful. When she qualified as a nurse we couldn't have been prouder but she achieved her Masters I was convinced of her geekness and her addiction to study.

This woman has given a lot of herself to others. So almost 35 years of being a mum to three children, then three grandchildren later she is at the centre of all of that. I can only hope that I will follow in her footsteps in raising my children as well as she did my brothers and me.

Mum. I love you so much. I miss you all the time.

Happy Mothers Day.



jacksta said...

Hootnz said...

Beautifully written :) And a lovely mum.

Simoney said...

cool cool post.
and WOWZER that wedding picture?!?! Were you like... 12?? SOOOO young! (and gorgeous)
(OK stil ARE gorgeous)
(and YOUNG)
(just not pre-puberty young!)