11 July 2013

Red Velvet Cake

Not the best cake I've ever presented...and it took me aaaages. But I made a cake (with plenty of sit downs in between and a long time reading and getting my head around the recipe, despite knowing it quite well already) that was edible and hit the spot. I'd been dreaming of this cake a couple of days beforehand and the craving could not be contained.


Back to the couch.

I used the Hummingbird bakery red velvet cupcake recipe. The best red velvet recipe ever.


jacksta said...

Looks Delish Mon :)
Yay you getting back into the swing of it.
Its hard to get over a really good craving.

Little Gumnut said...

it looks magnificent! I've always wondered what red velvet cake tastes like!

Heather Baird said...

It looks delicious! So glad you're doing well enough to bake!