05 March 2010


So today I got these adorable earrings...

Oops! I mean these

I got them confused...


These sweeties are made by the lovely Amy Bowyer of New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker who shot to instant fame in our house on the first episode for the line "not everyone likes horses" when defending her pie.

Check out her facebook page and she sells on Trademe. These are very well (hand) made, unique and make awesome gifts.

Check out these lemon meringue pie earrings! Ahhh cuteness overload!! The meringue's even got a little baked topping. Don't tell me you don't love these.

and these
And these!

Who doesn't want to wear sushi on their ears?

I tell you what, my 8yr old is seriously gonna want her ears pierced after seeing these. So in case you don't want to have that battle on your hands she also makes charms for your bracelet. Phew!

And if you enter the Blue Cupcake competition you get a chance to win your own pair of handmade original cuteandsweet earrings! Wahooo!



Caffeinated Weka said...

These earrings are so cute!! Thanks for the link to Amy's trades.
I'm thinking about an entry for your blue cupcake competition. Hmmm. Blue. Do you have a time frame in mind?

Johnny said...

Yes! Entries close 6pm Tuesday 9th March. That gives everyone the weekend and a couple of days extra. Cool can't wait to see your entry!

Johnny said...

Deadline now changed to Sunday 14th March for the competition.