29 August 2011

The start of spring...

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The best part about this weekend is that the weather was warm and I got to put on my jandals (flip flops to you  northern hemisphere people) and enjoy the springy weather. Sadly its not so warm today.
This weekend was an interesting one. I started my drugs for the trial, and I've found out rather quickly that I'm most likely on the actual drug. Well judging from the main side effect (ahemdiarrheacough) that has been ever present since an hour after taking the first drug! Wowsers, its quick. But its under control now and its not terribly bad.

So I did some baking. An easy peasy sponge from Edmonds, using gluten free baking mix by Healtheries. These rose up beautifully. The only thing missing was some lemon curd or some sort of filling.

The kids helped wash the car.
When we first got our car Owen would clean it every weekend, inside and out. Now its lucky to get that twice a year. So when Owen does get out the hose and buckets, everyone wants to join in.

And we started planting the first of our spring vegetable garden. Always a sure fire sign that better weather is on the way.


The most exciting thing happening this week though will be the arrival of my younger brother and his girlfriend Lisa back from the UK. Eddie has been gone since Johnny was 4 months old and I've missed him immensely  especially when I got diagnosed last year. You may remember my BUB (big ugly brother) from this post last year, who has been over a few times since he left in 2005.
But this my BLB (best little brother). As my parents didn't believe in TV's we were the bestest buddies growing up and spending a lot of our time together. So he constantly put up with my pretending he was my little sister, letting me put makeup on him and making him play barbies with me. We even wrote plays and songs together and ganged up on Alex as much as possible. It was a great childhood.

I love my brothers very much. They are loud, they are funny, they are great company and I miss them heaps all the time. Here we all are at the airport seeing one of them off...can't remember which now.

This photo cracks me up. So formal!

And here we all were in 1985...


The thing about my brother Eddie is that he has no shame. See here.

and here

and here...

But he's really very normal and lovely and cuddly and I can't wait for Thursday!!!

Eddie and Lisa in Spain, something where you throw red wine at each other.


Cat said...

We washed cars in the weekend too ~ amongst having a birthday party ~
What wonderful photos of your darling children.
Hope the rest of the week goes well for you and the uhumdiareheacough passes quickly
Sending you much love xxx

jacksta said...

yay for brothers! Im an only girl too.
Your baking pix always wanna make me lick my screen. Im first in line when you make your first book. "Baked and photographed by Delissimon." Dream BIG sista

TracyP said...

I am the only girl with two brothers too!! But mine are BLB & BUB (Big Little Brother and Big Ugly Brother they are both older than me making me ALS Annoying Little Sister!) Brothers are awesome! I totally loved the beautiful weekend weather too!

Rebecca said...

What a yummy start to spring!!
A prayer now for healing and health for you x

Simoney said...

I want to lick those cupcakes.
hehehe your brother eddie hehehe
and your cute cute kids... yummy too!

Mon said...

Jacksta! You are on lady...watch this space huh? Haha.
Thanks ladies xx

Little Gumnut said...

ok on the subject of your bro's photos I have one thing to say...


very amusing!

love your kidlets photos, amazing photographer you are!

meg said...

Oh how lovely. I think we'll be washing the car this weekend too. It was really nice to meet you at the bloggy lunch. x

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Hey best wishes with those side effects. I hope they really are manageable. Spring is lovely isn't it?!?! Enjoy xx

Alessandra said...

Ciao Mon, thank you for your comment, so I found your blog, and another blogger in Auckland! Can I put your link in my NZ blog roll??

Hei, I should be in the Parenting magazine too with my daughter, is it out yet? I'll will look for it :-)


Mon said...

Hi Alessandra, yes of course you can, I would love that. I think the Parenting Mag has come out this week, but the supermarkets were slow to stock it last time. Sometimes the Post Shop is quicker! I'll look out for you!

Alessandra said...

Ciao Mon, thank you for putting the blog candy on, and good luck!!!