17 February 2009

Delissimon launches!!

All of Alison Bourne's wonderful encouragement has culminated in me giving the whole "baking for money" thing a bit of a go. And as Valentines day was around the corner I figured the best thing was to chuck some people a list of cookies and cupcakes with a VERY cheap price tag on them and see what happened. I decided on chocolate heart cookies and rich chocolate or chocolate fudge cupcakes.
The response was great and I therefore spent the 2 days before Valentines Day baking like a mad woman to get my orders out. As I am still in the early days process I opted for a simple design so I didn't get myself into a fluster and I was happy with the result. Sending everyone off with their white boxes wrapped in pretty ribbon made me feel very proud (and slightly scared) to be actually baking these things for actual real money!
Of course there were of course plenty of leftovers for the family to feel the love too!!