12 June 2013

Take Two

I've known since last week that I might have a date, but I didn't want to say much here in case of yet another cancellation. But with confirmation from the team yesterday I'm pretty safe to say I have another date for surgery. Next Tuesday at 6.30am I will rock up to Middlemore Hospital for an 8 hour surgery. This is where they will take bits and pieces from me and patch me up a new breast. I'm looking forward to the end result, but the anticipation of all that goes with the surgery is making making very nervous. 

I'm taking medication for hives as I'm breaking out in all sorts of strange skin things. My stomach is a ball of nerves and I'm making all sorts of mental lists for next week. There's baking to be done, meals to pre-prepare and the house to clean. It's almost like nesting waiting for a baby. Except I wasn't this nervous waiting for any of my three to be born.

 Owen is staying down here with the kids for the week as we have decided to keep things as normal as possible, then they will come up at the weekend. So I'm gonna miss my partner in crime like crazy, and the kids as I'm also going to miss my little man's 6th birthday. The girls have been a little teary and worried so I'm soothing their fears and worry as much as mine.

But it is happening and for that I'm supremely thankful. I'm obviously going to be away from the blog for a period of time, I'll try my best to update how I'm going but I can't promise anything. If I get all my lists done I might even schedule some posts, but it's not my priority really.

I'm gonna leave you with some photos taken by Owen over 3 years ago, the day before my mastectomy surgery. Owen and the girls and I went for a walk to the beach just to spend some time together before everything changed forever. It's amazing to think that was 3 years ago!


And this pic was taken post mastectomy...

07 June 2013

Afghan Cookies

Here's another Edmonds favourite recipe in our house. Afghans.
Easy, crunchy, yummy.

I use the Edmonds recipe as a base for mine but I have a few little adaptations of my own. Using the dark muscovado sugar adds a whole depth of delicious flavour but you can just use white sugar in this as the original recipe does. I also use weetbix instead of the two cups of cornflakes as the crunch with weetbix lasts longer than cornflakes and it's easier to mix. And I just like it better.

Here's the recipe:

200g butter
1/2 cup Billingtons dark muscovado sugar
1 1/4 plain flour
1/4 cup cocoa
3 weetbix, crushed
handful of chocolate buttons
handful of almonds

Cream the butter and sugar until really light and fluffy.
Add sifted flour & cocoa and stir into the creamed mixture. Add in the weetbix and beat until all well combined.

Using a teaspoon or a cookie scoop roll balls of mixture onto a lined baking tray and flatten slightly.
Bake for 15 minutes at 180 deg C.

Afterwards melt the chocolate buttons and spoon on then pop an almond on the top.
Alternatively you could just firmly squish the button on the uncooked mixture and bake it in. I've been known to use squares of delicious Cadbury milk chocolate when buttons and almonds have been in short supply!

This comes in a category of an easy morning tea knock up, or quick lunch box add on as the recipe does not take very long to prepare or bake.

05 June 2013

Delissimon - Photography

I'm very happy to announce I have a new venture on board as my Delissimon empire grows (mwahahaha!).

As of last week, if you have been following my facebook page I have launched Delissimon - Photography - specialising in family and children's portraiture. Click on the link or there is also a link on the tabs above.

I'm really really super excited about this, it's been in my plans for a while however I've finally decided to stop wasting time and really go for it. My first shoot down here in Katikati is coming up this weekend which I'm really looking forward to. My own children of course have been my main muses over the years, and I imagine will continue to be. It's been great having them to practice on and grow my own confidence.

I'll keep posting some of my favourites here but most shoots will be posted up over on the photography page. Please contact me if you are interested in a shoot. I'm occasionally up in Auckland for family and other stuff too so if you are up there and interested in meeting up I can let you know when I am available.