28 April 2009

Mini cupcakes

Chocolate with white chocolate icing. Perfect bite sized treats. These ones Katie assisted as she was looking rather lost being at home without her sister after 2 weeks in each others faces. These were a thank you to my dad for cooking us a fantastic dinner and the hugest apple pie I've ever seen!!

26 April 2009

Soccer cake and Anzac cookies

This is a cake I made for Owens other gorgeous nephew and his friend who are sharing a birthday party. As the birthday boy's are keen soccer fans I was asked to make a soccer cake. My first thought was "eek!". But it was fun to try something different and although it was a little tricky making sure the fondant covered the cake I think I pulled it off.
It was a chocolate and vanilla layered cake with chocolate filling all suitably egg and dairy free.

And this is the cake with the birthday boys...

Today is also Anzac day so I made some yummy Anzac cookies for the kids to munch on. Ahh Anzac cookies have the best smell when cooking.

09 April 2009

Easter Goodies

Here's some tasty little Easter cookies and cupcakes I've made this season. Themed biscuits always go down a treat.

07 April 2009

I can't believe he's growing up so fast...

Owens nephew turned 11 today and I felt really old all of a sudden. Remembering him as the cutest little baby and now he's on the verge of being a grunting adolescent is too much!
Anyway due to his mum's business being a brilliant success and keeping her insanely busy and leaving her short of time she called on my help for a cake. So I made cupcakes!
These are completely egg and dairy free and I made the icing out of vanilla flavoured soy milk, olivani spread and icing sugar - it came out really fluffy and had a delicious flavour thanks to the soy milk. I decorated with one of his most favourite things in the world - lollies.
Most importantly the birthday boy liked them!