23 November 2011

Children on the Beach

Doing children's portrait photography is not something I thought I'd get myself into. But it seems it's one coming my way recently and if I can fit it into my schedule I'm happy to push myself and get some more confidence. I've certainly had plenty of practice on my own kids!

Hence, this is the result of a happy Saturday afternoon on the beach with some gorgeous little girls. The littlest is the daughter of my friend Lisa, who I've known since we were 10 and 11 and the others are her nieces who are all sisters. It was a total delight working with them!

22 November 2011

I'm Back!

Wow what an amazing opportunity to get away for 5 WHOLE DAYS with my gorgeous man. A HUGE thanks to my parents for taking the reins with the kids and wrangling them to school and kindy. You both deserve a big holiday!!

I spent my time away reading, writing (yes, writing. I've started writing a book, hence the lack of posting. Eeek!) and taking the odd photo. In between I went with Owen on some trips of the golf courses. Strangely I didn't take an awful lot of photos, just some of the courses we visited. I couldn't not take any snaps at Cape Kidnappers. Seriously it is the most breathtaking view I've seen for a long time.

Clifton Beach

Owen and I at The Lodge at Cape Kidnappers overlooking the golf course and the entire Hawkes Bay.

Hawkes Bay is truly a beautiful jewel in our country.

Taupo was stunning too...

Kinloch Golf Course

When we got home I had my portfolios due in for the end of year for my photography diploma, so I got busy finalising them and then helped Owen pack for a week in Melbourne to watch the Presidents Cup and get around the sports turf sites as part of his prize for winning Graduate of the Year. What an amazing week he's had! We are happy to have him home now though. And for him its back to reality!

Last Monday after dropping him off to the airport I drove to the Manakau SuperClinic for my appointment with the plastic surgeon. After waiting for an hour we finally got to sit down and discuss our options. Phew, there's plenty of them. Seems its not an option for me to have an implant afterall as my skin and muscle damage after radiation has made the odds of success very small - 40% in fact. Too small to risk it. So we are back to looking at some very intense surgery involving the use of muscles from my abdomen/back support area, usually known as a TRAM flap. I have a lot to think about before my next appointment and weigh up all the pros and cons. A long surgery of 10-12 hours, with a possibly 12 weeks of recovery is A LOT to deal with but the results in the long run would be worth it. Is it possible to do this with 3 kids and an uncertainty of where we will even be in 6 months time? So any prayers about this would be so appreciated.

So here are the photos I submitted for my final portfolio for this year. The theme I gave it was Yellow, Chocolate and Red. I still don't have the marks back so I've no idea what my tutor thinks. The suspense is killing me!!!

Some of these you might have seen before...some are new.

06 November 2011

Bayswater Kids Duathlon

This morning was the Bayswater Kids Duathlon, our school's annual fundraiser now in its 16th year. Its a fantastic way to raise money and have a great time. (Or an exhausting one!)
Well done to all the parents and teachers and kids who got involved. And getting All Black Jerome Kaino in to start the race was a great addition. What a super morning!

I'll leave you with the pics I've processed quickly (for you Lindsay ;) ).