20 February 2012

Devils Food Cake

The last post I did with the Delissilinks had a cake that I was dying to try out - the one by Bake at 350 using the Martha Stewart recipe and the Bakerella style. Well I did it this weekend for Owen's birthday cake. The frosting was amazingly light and fluffy and the cake itself looked like one of those cakes you just want to stick your face into. It LOOKS delicious. And...well it tastes delicious too.

So this is not original, but its my version - which meant instead of 3 layers I did 2 layers with 20cm round tins. I think I'll be doing this one again. Maybe with chocolate buttercream frosting and white chocolate ganache!! Ooooh yeah!

16 February 2012


Oh boy its been so long since I did one of these...okay here's a few choice links of things I've seen this week. And although I'm not posting much the packing is going well, we finally have a house to rent complete with a fantastic brand new kitchen down in Katikati. I can't wait to settle in and take some pictures for you all!

  • Okay first up is this link from Ruth at The Pink Whisk. If any of you watched the Great British Bake Off you will remember Ruth from it as the awesome mum with three boys. Well she has this great website and is doing so well. Recently she went to Rwanda with Save the Children fund and she has some heartbreaking stories. I encourage to read her posts about it, as they are really insightful.
  • This next link for a DIVINE cake by Bridget at Bake at 350. This is something I might have to make very soon!!
  • Check out this cool Alien Conquest party setup by Blue Cupcake. Perfect for a boys birthday! I love the jelly bean cake!
  • What about this flaming baked alaska cupcake by the VERY talented Heather from Sprinkle Bakes. I love the gif of the flames! Also she has a book coming out soon....make sure you get yourself a copy as its bound to be one that you'll want to look at over and over again. Not only does she make such gorgeous food, but she photographs it herself and its stunning.
  • And because it was Valentines Day this week, check out some of these awesome cakes complied by Cake Wrecks. These are definitely not wrecks. My favourite is the white cake with the heart balloon. So simple and so clever.
  • Finally an awesome new blog to the baking blogosphere is this super cool Smash Cakes - a 100% gluten free blog and as the writer Ash says is occasionally vegan and dairy free. Now a little disclosure; Ash is a very good friend of mine and is an incredible baker. She started this after spending a long time in the hospitality industry and working in a bakery and boy has she some incredible talent to share. Now at home with her delicious little boy she is busy whipping up some awesome treats for people on gluten free diets. I'm not gluten free but I've eaten plenty of her baking and you would never know the difference!
Have a great week, I'll be back with some more posts as soon as I've got some more packing done!