08 July 2009

The Best Cake Recipe (well one of them)

When I was 14 I got the Kids Cookbook with Step by Step Instructions as a birthday present from my Auntie Lizzie.

My charming little model with Weetbix down his front

I proceeded to subject my family to the experiments and sometimes successes (but mostly messy failures) of this cookbook but there is one recipe that I have used in it so often that I have learned it by heart and have over the years adapted it in a variety of ways. That book was a turning point in my developing love of baking. I am not ashamed to admit it didn’t help my dinner cooking skills so much – that’s all still a work in progress. But I still have the book, albeit without its front cover anymore, and I would be more than happy to see my own kids use it one day. If not then at least one recipe will live on: Fudge Cake. It has been used in many of my cakes in this blog and is an easy, deliciously moist cake with the added bonus of being egg and dairy free. Just by experimenting I have come up with different versions to suit everyone’s taste from a richer chocolate (more cocoa) to vanilla (using quality vanilla paste instead of essence), lemon and coconut, and I’m pretty sure will work well with gluten free flour but I’ve yet to try that too.

This is the first time I have used limes though:

Oh and thanks Auntie Lizzie – if I didn’t write a thank you note back then, I’m really sorry.


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sprogstitch said...

Thanks Mon, great recipe! Have just whisked up several batches as cupcakes for a fundraising cakestall at the Warkworth Kowhai festival this Saturday, phew!