02 October 2010

The Week That Was

Since I've finished chemo I was expecting not only my side effects to improve - such as my energy levels, but I was also hoping a bit more brain function would return. It appears that is not so.

Case in point is that I just packed Katie off to a party for one of her best buddies Caitlin that I had completely and  utterly forgotten about - despite seeing the invite yesterday and thinking I should go down to Devonport and get a present, despite actually going down to Devonport but forgetting why and going to the library instead and despite the invite attached to the fridge, in plain sight. So 20 minutes ago I interrupted Katie (who had a stall and was selling 10c pictures outside on the road with her sister) and threw her in the car with Caitlins dad. She was screaming she didn't want to go, and I was dying from embarressment. But I KNOW she'll love it once she gets there. Fingers crossed.

This week has been a complete whirlwind so I guess I'm not suprised by my lack of brain function really. Radiation started on Tuesday after getting back from our trip up North. Unfortunately my happy disposition was nipped in the bud straight away after taking a tumble outside my sister in laws place and giving myself an awful fright and a rather messed up hand. Lucky I was on the way to the hospital so the nurse in acutes could patch me up. Thanks Avril! I couldn't even swear because I had Katie with me but boy I wanted to. Ouch.

Then the cold that I had been dodging for months finally caught up with me this week and I'm currently only hearing out of one ear. I am thankful this one didn't end up in my system during chemo though.

And finally to finish me off completely yesterday, Madeline fell off the swing on the playhouse and smacked herself on the edge of the decking. Very hard. On her back. Really really hard. That was scary as she was in a lot of pain and couldn't breathe she had winded herself so bad. So on inspecting a rather nasty bruise we took her up to the doc, who suspected a broken rib and so from there we went to have an x-ray of her ribs and her arm which was also sore. But thank the Lord there was no breakages or worse damage. Thank the Lord for her wee bendy bones. If that had been me I would be in traction right now.

People have been asking me how radiation is going. So far its easy; the staff are incredibly lovely and very attentive. One of the radiation therapists noticed I was a bit warm and red under my arm on Thursday and sent me up to see a nurse and the doctor to check it out. Turns out it was nothing but I love the fact they are really onto it if they see any change. This gives me a good peace of mind about doing it.

The radiation procedure itself is very short. I change into a gown, lie down on a table completely still while the therapists move me around to the very thorough and detailed plan they set for me a few weeks back. Once I'm in place they go out of the room and the radiation is given in short bursts. Takes a total of 2 minutes I would say - its very quick and painless. Afterwards I put on my clothes and I'm outa there. It's as simple as that. In a few weeks I can expect to experience swelling and some redness like sunburn as well as fatigue as my white blood cells take a bit of a dive. But I'm thinking this will be nothing compared to chemo - as long as I keep the area well moisturised and free from irritation I should be fine. I hope.


Sophie said...

Wow Mon, I don't know how you go through all of that stuff on top of the crazy family things. I was interested to read what radiation is like as my dad has a tumour on his brain which they were proposing to give him radiotherapy for.

Gail said...

Wow. That is pretty full-on stuff. Pray that your cold will be over with quickly.
Like Sophie, I wondered what radiation is about. Glad that the staff are onto it about those things that perhaps could slip by unnoticed.
Hope your week ahead is full of joy and great things.