05 November 2010


SO...on Wednesday I FINALLY finished radiation (YAYAYAYAYAYYYYY!!!!) and just as well it finished this week as I'm pretty sore, especially under my arm. The skin hasn't entirely broken down but its very swollen and red. It feels like the worst sunburn you've ever had over the worst bruise you've ever had.

My skin actually looked quite good compared to what I was expecting because I did the groundwork at the beginning of treatment by applying the cream on my skin and keeping it moisturised before it got bad. I'll also thank the nurses at Auckland as they gave me a great cream called Biafine that's really hard to get here and is made in France - its just a lot better than aqueous cream and was developed specifically for radiation treatment. But I'm hoping it improves quickly as I'm having trouble wearing my bra comfortably, which means I'm whipping it off and wearing loose t-shirts as soon as I get home and its not a pretty sight! Haha.

I'm so relieved that the end of all the nasty hard stuff is done and I can get on with my life. Because next year has all sorts of exciting things in store for us that I'm bursting at the seams about, including my little brother returning from the UK. Yay!

I'm also SO thankful to everyone for support, love, words, food, gifts, time, muscles, patience, encouragement, skills and much much more.


Gail said...

Yay that it's finished for you! Yay that you can focus on getting on and moving forward! Wow!

Kiwicakes said...

I really am very happy for oyu, it's been one hard slog, that I've followed 1 post at a time. May 2011 bring you much happiness and smooth skin

Johnny said...

Thank you Gail and Sandra. I'm absolutely looking forward to next year!