28 March 2013


I found this neat silicone chocolate spoon mold while we were away. I've been wanting one for ages. So I thought for Easter decorations it would be perfect.

Look how cute these are! They'd make really cool little gifts wrapped up with a bow.
I added the little eggs for Easter, but these could have anything on them. 

For me Easter has always been an important family time. These last few years it also falls on the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Three years as of the 30th of March, two days from now. It feels SO good to be this far. This time three years ago I was nervously awaiting biopsy results. Nowadays I'm awaiting a surgery date to fix me all back up again. Its a MUCH better feeling!
Things are moving forward, I had my CT scan for the surgeon to plan my operation last week, so a date is coming any day now.

For now though, I'm trying to find the perfect mint marshmallow and chocolate combination to satisfy my Easter cravings...