05 June 2013

Delissimon - Photography

I'm very happy to announce I have a new venture on board as my Delissimon empire grows (mwahahaha!).

As of last week, if you have been following my facebook page I have launched Delissimon - Photography - specialising in family and children's portraiture. Click on the link or there is also a link on the tabs above.

I'm really really super excited about this, it's been in my plans for a while however I've finally decided to stop wasting time and really go for it. My first shoot down here in Katikati is coming up this weekend which I'm really looking forward to. My own children of course have been my main muses over the years, and I imagine will continue to be. It's been great having them to practice on and grow my own confidence.

I'll keep posting some of my favourites here but most shoots will be posted up over on the photography page. Please contact me if you are interested in a shoot. I'm occasionally up in Auckland for family and other stuff too so if you are up there and interested in meeting up I can let you know when I am available.




Miriam said...

that is SO exciting. Well done you! xx

Facing Cancer Together said...

You are going to be soooo good at this! Good luck and have fun. Any family with you as their photographer is a lucky family, indeed.

Simoney said...

So exciting! you are Soooo gifted as a photographer as well as a baker! Yay for you, mon.!!